Our Story

How did Yosemite inspire the concept?

In 1987 Dr Nick Lavidis walked into the deep valley of Yosemite National Park and was immediately impressed by its beauty and serene atmosphere. A short 3 day stay at the park felt like a 3 month restful holiday.
The restful and serene atmosphere made a long lasting impression on Dr Lavidis which motivated him to revisit the park many times. The connection between the plant aroma of the park and relaxation was not immediate but was finally triggered many years later while Dr Lavidis was mowing his lawn. Dr Lavidis reminisced over Yosemite and while emptying the grass catcher his neighbour commented on how the smell of grass clippings makes him feel relaxed.
Thus the question arose, are there chemicals in cut grass, pine and sequoia trees that stimulate relaxation?